12 April 2007

Final thoughts for tonight.

I went to college at a late age. I had my daughter when I was 18 and was a single mom for most of her life. When she graduated high school and I was 36 I decided it was time to go to college like I'd always wanted to do.

When I began college I was all excited and, being older, I was the overachieving nerd in all my classes. I also really, really enjoyed college. I learned things I didn't' know I didn't know. It was great since I have always loved learning.

I decided fairly early on that since I took so long to actually go to college I was going to go the entire way. I wanted to get my PhD. Of course, as I continued on I got tired of going to school and after getting my BS went out and got a real job, thinking that was a good idea. And it was at the time.

But now, 6 years after graduating, I think about getting higher degrees but there is no way I would go back to school now - too old and tired :) The idea of getting an online college degree now has real appeal to it. There are over 8,000 degree and professional certificate programs available. I'm not sure what field of study I would pursue but it is something to consider. At this point I'm not doing it necessarily to increase my earnings but more as personal development.

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Dances with Corgis said...

Yay, Flo. I know some people who have done the online degree and found it very fulfilling.

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