12 April 2007

I've been lying to you.

I keep saying how my eating is going so well and I'm really eating clean.... Well, it's been a lie. Not a total lie. But I have left off a vital detail. Okay, confession is good for the soul so here goes...... I've been having dessert almost every night. Hubby and I got into the habit of having dessert and it's gotten out of control. Initially it was a small bowl of Dreyers Slow Churn Ice Cream. Excellent stuff, lower in fat and calories than regular ice cream. We would have just a scoop which is a 1/4 cup, no biggie. It was like 60 or 70 calories. That's just fine. Then we added syrup, chocolate and/or strawberry. Then there was the whipped cream. For the last couple of weeks it's been cakes or cookies with the ice cream. A small, manageable snack has become a nightly monster. I was thinking it was one of the causes of my nightly flights out of bed.

So last Sunday I swore off dessert. I know myself, and when I'm having trouble like this the best thing to do is avoid it completely till I get the monkey off my back. So I did. Monday I had a piece of fruit for dessert. Tuesday I had a scoop of sugar free ice cream (that's all, I swear). Last night - nothing. Tonight will be nothing. Now I feel a lot better, not has tired in the evening or in the morning. I have not had once episode of night flight. Coincidence??? I'm not sure but I do feel a lot better without dessert.

Whew, glad I got that out.

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