Florida on my mind....

I've heard it said there are no coincidences. If that's true I'm beginning to wonder what it all means. I've really been thinking of traveling lately and Florida keeps throwing itself in my face.

Websites for hotel bargains keep appearing before me. Like this one for Kissimmee Hotels. Seems that there are 52 theme parks around Kissimmee, who knew??? There is also the obligatory golf courses, this is Florida after all, there are more top rated courses within a 40 minute drive than anywhere else in Florida. Hubby would love that. Beaches are only 40 minutes away too. Everything you could want to do during a vacation. There is always the choice of doing nothing too. That's fun sometimes too.

So maybe I need to go to Florida for some reason. I don't really believe in coincidences.


Vickie said…
Is the weather better there than where you live? I know its better than where I live! I think of going there every day!
Fe-lady said…
Lots of races in Florida! Coincide your travels with a run of some kind! Have fun planning! (How is the house hunting going? I am way behind on reading blogs and commenting! Sorry!)

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