11 April 2007

Wednesday weights.

So it was weights again this morning. I was thinking about it as I was getting ready and I realized I'm a little bored with the routine. So, in an effort to stick with my program, I decided to up the weight some and see if that relieved the boredom. Oh yeah, that worked. My muscles were screaming by the end and the final reps were a stretch. That's good.

I've been having this weird sleeping issue where I wake up suddenly and find myself out of bed heading somewhere. I've just put it off to stress and worry over a couple of things. Last night I googled it and now I'm a little concerned. It sounds like a condition where your mind doesn't paralyze your muscles during REM sleep and you are actually acting out your dreams. They say people who do this wake suddenly (I do) and can recall the dream in exact detail (I can). This is generally associated with other sleep disorders and can be an indicator of Parkinson's disease later in life. I am not thrilled about this. However, instead of panicking and racing to the doctor, I've decided to keep a sleep log and see if I can spot patterns. Besides, when I do go to the doc they are going to want to know how often it happens (not sure), how many times per night (usually just once), where there other things going on, etc. So I'm going to gather that info before hand.

Well, that's it for now.


Vickie said...

That sounds scary in a way. I wake up all night long, but don't go off wandering at least.

Vickie said...

Oh, I forgot to mention about the weights thing. I decided last week to up my weights again, especially since like you said it was getting boring (easy). OMG! My triceps were so sore for so many days I could barely lift a fork to my mouth eating! And it kept me awake all night one night. Next time I will ease into it a little more.

Fe-lady said...

Hope your wakefulness is just due to stress and "old age"- I remember sleep walking and talking to my mom when I was a teenager. I said something about a "big toe"- turned around and went back to bed.
Now, don't stress further until you get a diagnosis!
Your upcoming trip possibility sounds fun!

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