26 April 2007

A hugely successful dinner.

So I've been really focused on eating clean. As a result we have not been going out to eat as much. We do our Saturday lunches and that's about it. Well, tonight hubby's work took everyone out to dinner, they do this every so often - they're a nice place to work. They took us to a Chinese restaurant. Now you know how bad Chinese food can be for you, so I had a plan. I ate lots of veggies, small portions of everything, no rice or noodles. We did have dessert, the Chinese man that owns the restaurant is a pastry chef (weird yeah???), so the desserts were to die for. Luckily they brought them out on a huge tray and everyone just took a piece.

So to recap, I did not eat any starch; I ate primarily veggies; I ate small portions; and I ate dessert - just a little. I did not feel stuffed. I did not even feel that much fuller than I normally do after dinner. I am pleased with myself. This still means there will be a wicked strength training session in the morning to burn off the excess calories :)

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angelfish24 said...

Sound like you did good at dinner! Chinese food is always hard I think. We went to Panda express (chinese) lately and it is real hard to eat good. I could just taste the oil on the food. Argghh. We hardly ever have Chinese as the hubby doesn't really like it I gotta have it once in a while.
Thanks for the comments on my blog. I'm easing back into the exercise again and it feels good. Yeah, one day at a time is good and one meal at a time. baby steps are good! Otherwise, I could set my standards to high and when I fail I will fall back into the pit. ha.

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