19 April 2007

I just have 2 questions.

First of all, what the h*ll is NBC doing airing that tape from that sicko??? I don't want to see. By airing it, it's almost like they give validity to him. He sent this to NBC because he wanted them to air it and make him famous. NBC did exactly what he wanted. I know he's dead and doesn't know what's happening but that's not the point. NBC has validated his existence which is something that should never have happened.

Second, why is it that our constitutional rights, like freedom of speech, cover all kinds of sick trash and people scream like crazy when someone tries to take them away. Yet, the 2nd amendment is apparently wrong and we Americans should not be allowed to own guns. How can the founding fathers be so right on everything and get gun ownership so wrong??? I don't understand how you can demand full protection under parts of the Constitution and want to wipe out other parts of it. Why is it so wrong to own a gun? I don't understand. Do people really think that if gun ownership was illegal Virginia Tech never would have happened?? I sure wish I could live in that happy little rose colored world. Drugs are illegal and yet they effect every part of society. How would guns be any different?? If they made guns illegal only criminals would have them.

I think I'm going to buy a handgun!!

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