30 April 2007

I've done a lot of different things in my life.

My very first job was a key punch operator in an environmental health company. I could go on and on about computers and key punch and all that stuff, but I'll save that for another post.

This was the 70's, I think they had the first Earth Day in Palo Alto where I worked. The company was very cutting edge. They were getting into a field that was largely untapped. Their specialty was coming into factories and testing workers hearing. They contended that being around the noise all the time was affecting their hearing. At that point in time that was not a clearly established relationship. Some of the testing they did helped establish the noise regulations that exist today. I only wish I could remember the name of the company.

Nowadays Environmental Health and Safety (EHS) is a huge business that's growing all the time. I think EHS is important. Businesses not only have to be aware of not only the health of their workers but the health of the environment they inhabit. There are so many government regulations you need EHS Compliance Software just to keep up.

Being a strict conservative capitalist, I tend to shy away from government regulation just on general principle. But I also believe that some industries and people left to their own accord will destroy everything they come into contact with. So in this case I think government regulation is a good thing.

EHS Metric Software can help with the EHS data management to make sure you are in compliance with all the government regs. Keep you and your company in compliance so you don't end up on the wrong side of Uncle Sam.

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