30 April 2007

Things to think about.

I've heard for years that the best place to put your money is in gold. I don't personally own any, but it sure would be nice.

Do you realize man has been fascinated with gold since ancient times?? Ancient Egyptians prized and valued gold, as did the Romans and Greeks. It's amazing stuff and it retains it's worth. The dollar has decreased in value and that's why things seem more expensive. For example, a loaf of bread used to cost say 50 cents. Now it costs $2.50. Well the amount of gold that it took to make 50 cents years ago is the same amount that would make $2.50 now. So see, the value of the item didn't really change only the amount of dollars it takes to buy it.

So gold has always been a good investment. It holds it's value and will always be valuable.

Edited: I stand corrected. Apparently the term "U.S. Dollar" has a legal definition (see the comments). So to avoid further confusion, the term "dollar" as used in this post is referring to the common vernacular for Federal Reserve Note since no one uses that term. Apparently when we go around saying 'that will be 1 dollar' we are wrong! From now on please refer to the paper money you carry as Federal Reserve Notes and quit using the common terms. Thank you, that is all.

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