10 April 2007

My new plan.

Because of my back issues, I've adopted a new plan just for this week. Yesterday I did weights and interval training, today it's stretching - more like yoga. My back is feeling really good so I thought rather than overdo it I'd baby it just a little. Some nice yoga poses and I'm all stretched out and ready for the day. Tomorrow it's back to weights and interval training. I'm just going to do that this week and hope that by the weekend my back is back to normal :)

Vickie commented that for some exercise may be counter intuitive for back pain. I know that's a common belief, your back hurts, stop and rest it for a while. I've always been of the mind set that the human body was made to move. We were not made to lie on a couch and watch TV. We were made to be hunter-gatherers, constantly moving looking for food and trying not to become part of the food chain.

I look at a lot of things that way. We may live in the highly modern age with lots of technology and advantages, but our bodies are 10,000 years old. Face it, technology moves at a much more rapid rate than evolution. I think if more people kept that in mind they would be in better shape than they are. Move more and eat more whole foods. You know, if more people started eating whole foods, the food manufacturers would have to offer more whole food options. If people weren't swayed by advertising (whole grain Lucky Charms are still not good for you) and really paid attention to what they put in their bodies, the food producers would go out of their way to provide more of the foods we bought. Right now people buy and consume so much processed food that's that what they make.

Same with movement. I think the human body was made to be moving about 10-12 hours a day. I think we were meant to be hunting-gathering, looking for shelter, looking for water, etc. Not sitting on our butts in a chair at a desk. So yeah, when my back gets to hurting one of the first things I do is increase my movement.

Okay, sorry about that little tangent. You know what's happening lately, I'm really getting fed up with people. In general, people don't use their brains. There is so much stupid stuff going on in the world and it's really all because people don't use their heads. They either swallow the Kool-Aid offered by some idiot on TV or they react with their emotions. I'm just really getting tired of stupid people and they seem to be everywhere.

Okay, 'nuff said. I need to get my butt in gear and get ready for work.

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Dances with Corgis said...

I like the new plan!

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