17 May 2007

Golf travel

While I would like to travel to see ancient sites. Hubby's idea of travel is a little different.

He's a big golfer and so wants to travel anywhere there's a golf course. Myrtle beach golf has always been on his list of things to do. When we lived in California we planned all our vacations around golf tournaments. That's what he would do all the time if he could.

Coastal Golfaway offers golf packages that are incredibly reasonable. They have hotel with tee times included. Some of the packages allow you to play more than 1 course. Sweet. In the Myrtle Beach area there are more golf courses than there are hotels to stay. Interesting. I thought Hawaii had a lot of golf courses, I was wrong.

This would be the total dream vacation for Hubby. Hmmm.... Maybe for his birthday in the next year or two I'll take him to Myrtle Beach. He would so love that. I have friends in South Carolina so I could find ways to amuse myself. This is definitely a possibility


Dances with Corgis said...

Golf travel, if he wants to bring his clubs, is almost as big of a pain as traveling with a tri bike. Talk about a lot of junk to schlep!!

Myrtle Beach is a fantastic course, though!

Vickie said...

I've been to Myrtle Beach 3 times now and it is the golf mecca, that's for sure. Its also the miniature golf capital, so if you don't play regular golf, you have your choice of mini golf courses.

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