17 May 2007

I've entered the danger zone

I have a wall calendar that I keep in my workout room. It's big, 27" x 18", and the date boxes are 2.5" square. On this calendar is where I log all my workout stuff. I do my workout then log it on the calendar. I also right down any problems I'm having, sore muscles, back hurts, hip pain, whatever. It's an easy, visual way for me to see where I'm at. It also helps me keep track of my weight sessions and how long I've been doing them since I switch them up every 4 weeks.

By using this system I've been able to spot certain trends. For instance, I have this same pain the 3rd week of every month. I don't know if it's fatigue, overwork, or what, but it happens the 3rd week of every month. I also start to lose it the 1st or 2nd week of the month. Not sure why but those are the weeks when I have my unscheduled breaks. In April that break lasted a week. This month when I saw what was happening (I'm starting to pay attention to the patterns) I was able to stop it and it only lasted 2 days (1 really).

Another pattern I've noticed is after I've been working out strong for 2 - 2 1/2 months the wheels start to fall off the bus. It always happens at the point where I'm feeling really good. Getting up without the alarm. Sleeping like a baby. Pushing myself without killing myself. And finally feeling like everything is working and that I actually may reach my goals. Then for no apparent reason things just go to hell. I don't know why exactly.

I'm at that point now. I'm feeling invincible and starting to really see changes in my body composition. Now is when I have to be careful. I have to keep my workouts up and not let them slide. I have to remain strong. I think if I could get through one such period I'd be fine. So here goes.

My workout was really good this morning. I'm working on chin-ups and oh. my. god. are they hard. My goal is to do 5 perfect ones. For some reason I ran out of time this morning and only got to do 2 sets of my interval training. That's okay. I went for a ride yesterday morning and got some good intervals in. It all balances out in the end.

Got to get some work done. I'm leaving early to take Nala to the acupuncturist.

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Vickie said...

Okay, let this be your motivation: you can do it! You CAN keep going and not slide back. Challenge yourself to something you want to accomplish, however small it may be, and work towards that first, putting the blinders on to everything else until you reach it. Once you are there, look for another attainable goal. Baby steps, small bites, attainable goals. That's all you need. Yes, there will be down days, but working towards something always works better than just randomly working out. While you may be thinking maintaining weight is a priority, change that thought and challenge yourself for example to a 6 week plan. First week, do two 30 minute runs--maybe on Sunday and Thursday--in one week and whatever else you want other days, if you even do anything else. The next week do 2 more runs; the next two weeks do 3 runs, every other day--Sunday, Tuesday, & Thursday. The last 2 weeks, do three 45 minute runs. Or something like that, but make a plan and it will happen. Good luck!

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