08 May 2007

I am sore.

I've been strength training for 9 weeks now (I know this because it's broken into 4 week blocks and I just started week 9). I thought I was doing well and getting stronger. Now I'm beginning to wonder.

Yesterday I started week 9 and really worked my legs and arms. I could feel my quads all day yesterday and my forearms were sore from a lame attempt at pull ups. But that wasn't too bad. When I woke this morning my butt was sore. I mean really sore!!!! Sitting hurts. Standing hurts. Walking hurts. Oh my god it hurts. So what do I do?? I workout again this morning. Yeah, that helped! Not!!! The good thing is there are no weights tomorrow. Because of the pain from the weights I was not able to do my intervals yesterday. I had thought I'd do them today but after my workout my muscles were so wrecked there was no way I could do intervals. I'm supposed to so them 5 times this week.. I'll do what I can and try to get my 5 in next week.

So that's me, hobbling around and yelling at random moments when I move wrong. This will be a really fun day.

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Dr. Iron TriFeist :) said...

LOL! I used to get muscle soreness the day after an event but now it's 2 days. Look at it this way, you pushed yourself to the next level by increasing your weights. The next session will be better.

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