08 May 2007

Ecotourism catching on in Hawaii

As you all know, this is where I live. For a few years I was a tour guide. I lead nature tours on hikes through the mountains. I really loved that job but it didn't pay a lot and you just can not rely on tips.

Anyway, I'm really glad to see that ecotourism is becoming so popular. It's possible to visit a place, enjoy all it's natural beauty, and leave it better than when you came. And it's not that hard. There are now places you can go to that provide ecofriendly vacations.

Kauai is becoming a real hot spot for that. Of course, Kauai is one of the last islands that hasn't been overdeveloped with tourist stuff. Kauai is much smaller than the other islands so hence a perfect place to promote ecofriendly tourism.

Kauai, the Garden Isle, is absolutely beautiful. The first time I came to Hawaii we spent 3 days on Kauai. We went swimming, snorkeling, rafting, hiking, it was wonderful. It's really so much nicer than spending your time here in Waikiki.

If you're coming to Hawaii you need to visit Kauai Ecotourism Vacation Rentals and visit the real Hawaii.
I learned in Girl Scouts, when you visit a place you should take only pictures and leave only footprints. Let's all start vacationing that way.

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Duane said...

My assistnat and his wife are goig to Hawaii in a week or so, widh I was going with them!

angelfish24 said...

I want to to go to Kauai some day! I've been to all the others and as I told you lived on Maui. My hubby wants to hike the north (?) side of Kauai and camp I want to dive some and spend time at the beach. The hiking would be fun too. We'll get there some day. I wonder if you can camp on that trail. I will check it out.

Hope you are feeling better soon and get over all the soreness! I like the ecotourism too. As for scuba, we say 'take pictures and leave only bubbles'.

Shelly said...

DH and I visited Hawaii 2years ago. We were on the big island biking hiking and kayaking with Backroads. Then we went to Waikiki for a couple of days, mostly because we wanted to go to Pearl Harbor. After a half a day on the strip in Waikiki we had to get out of there, so we found a ecotourism company that took groups on hikes in the mountains. We were so much happier than sitting on the beach!

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