15 May 2007

Once again things are cluttering up my mind.

I haven't been paying close attention to current events lately because 1) I have a lot going on right now, I'm just too busy, and 2) it's drives me crazy. I'm really beginning to believe that an awful lot of people are incredibly stupid.
But this morning as I'm driving into work and listening to talk radio some things really struck me.

Why are they making such a big deal over Mitt Romney's religion??? So he's a Mormon? So what? I heard someone say that the Mormon religion is a hoax. Isn't all religion basically a hoax? Aren't all religions trying to sell you a bill of goods? IE; their religion is the true religion all others are phony and you will go to hell if you believe in them? Isn't that a hoax of sorts?? So I don't see the difference. Some of the things the Mormons do believe are a little strange, but at least they don't think we have aliens attached to our souls (Scientology). To be quite honest, I'm not a "religious, church going person" but I would much rather our president be a man (or woman though not Hillary) of faith than not. At least if they have a faith they are generally grounded in strong moral values and that's important as the leader of the free world. We saw what happens when the president is fast and loose with the morals (Clinton!). So that's got me puzzled.

Then I heard that Jerry Falwell died. I've always had mixed feeling about Jerry. He was a man of strong faith and I believe he had the best of intentions, but sometimes he was a royal ass. After 9/11 he said it happened because of feminists, gays, and someone else (I forget). If that isn't an asinine statement I don't know what is. But in listening to the story of his death it suddenly hit me. I do believe in God and I believe God gave us free will. I think that people who blindly follow any leader, be they religious or not, will have to answer to God. He gave us free will and I really believe he expects us to question and test things. Listening to the news report of Jerry Falwell's death suddenly made that so clear to me. Our future is not set in concrete, we can change it. I believe we are given a general path to follow but it is up to us what we do along the way - that's our free will.
That was a mini revelation.

Finally I heard a news story where some group or another wants a law passed to make penalties for something harsher. Every time I hear of new laws being passed I think of couple of things. First, how are we going to enforce it? This particular one deals with the usage and storage of pesticides. Are they going to send someone around to every one's home to see how they are storing their pesticides?? Repeatedly, since you use it, buy more, etc?? No! It's completely impractical and unenforceable and therefore a waste of every ones time and money. Then I think, if they can't enforce the laws we have now what purpose does passing a new one serve? Our penal code is so thick now no one can know all the laws in there. We are probably breaking laws everyday and don't even know it. Also, the laws they pass are so stupid. One of my favorites is the blind cord one. I think like 3 babies were killed by getting caught in the cords to the blinds on their windows. So they pass a law to make them safer. Why don't they pass a law that if parents are that stupid they can be forcibly sterilized?? If the parents can't tell that putting a crib near blinds is dangerous they should not be allowed to reproduce again. Okay, done with the whining.

I have been working out like you would not believe. I'm attacking each workout with high intensity and I can really feel it. By the time I'm done I am wrecked. Sore muscles, shaking limbs, can hardly move. Yeah, it feels good. I'm on a mission. I purchased a body fat caliper on eBay and received it yesterday. I immediately measured myself, a couple of times, and kept getting different readings. I'm sure this is because I don't know what I'm doing and the more I practice the better I'll get with it. But all the measurements were within a 5% range so that's good. The bad news is, it's higher than I thought - bummer. I have a Tanita scale but it doesn't have an athlete mode and the more I workout the higher the body fat goes. This morning it said 40% - I don't think so. Anyway, this just gives me something solid to work towards that's not a number on the scale. I'm on it.

Okay, that's all I have for today. Tomorrow I start my early morning biking again and this weekend I begin my running again. It should be fun.

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Vickie said...

I agree with a lot of what you say about laws, enforcing them, etc. The other side of some of these ridiculous laws is that they either restrict the freedoms given to us by the Constitution or they end up costing everyone more money and don't accomplish anything anyway.

Good luck on getting back to your biking and running. You will feel a sense of accomplishment when you get back to it.

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