15 May 2007

For the Grads, Dads, and Brides in your life.

Until May 17th Americangreetings.com is offering free ecards and printable greeting cards. Usually they charge a small fee for full access to their site, but in celebration of their redesigned website they are offering everything free until May 17th.

They have a great selection of cards for all occasions. They also have a large selection of character cards with folks like Elvis, Care Bears, The Muppets, just to name a few. I'm sure between now and Thursday you can think of people to send these cards to, I know I can. They completely redesigned their site and now have things like easier navigation, a "Find it Quick" feature, and a rating system for the cards. This makes it really user friendly and easy to navigate and find what you want.

Go!!! Check it out!!! Trust me, it's worth the trip :)


Fe-lady said...

Have you checked out "Hoops and YoYo"? Their cards are SO funny!

Fe-lady said...

Actually- Hoops and Yoyo are Hallmark! OOOPS! But they are still great! (And Hallmark has tons of free e-cards also!)

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