28 May 2007

Organizing information

This is probably one of the things I stink at most. I can gather information like you would not believe. I can have reams and reams of information. When it comes to actually organizing and utilizing that information, yeah, not so much......

But fear not, there is something out there that can help save people like me, Information Organizer! You should be hearing the music from Mighty Dog right about now. This is an unbelievable cool way to help you deal with all your information. It allows you to make a mindmap of various pieces of information and connect them all. Here a chief is using it for recipe information organizer software. It allows you to see all the various pieces of the situation or project or whatever. It also allows you to view the little details without losing sight of the big picture.

Here is a 3d mindmapping software review of Topicscape 3D organization software. This is really exciting. Especially for someone like me who can get so caught up in the minutiae that I lose sight of the overall objective. This is a great way to keep yourself on track.

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