28 May 2007

Higher Education

is something that I have always thought is important. I went to college later in life but I was bound and determined to get my degree.

Lately I've been throwing around going back and getting a masters. When I began college I was determined to go all the way and get my PhD. That quickly got squashed by reality. But lately I've been throwing around going and getting an mba, possibly online. Capella University has world class, published professors, and offers a number of online degrees.

My BS degree is in marine biology but I don't think I want to pursue that field. I like it and everything, I just have some issues with some of the people involved in it here. I might consider information technology, that would be an interesting field. Or possibly just general business. I'm not sure why exactly. I don't want to go into business but maybe it will help with me figuring out a way to stay home and work. Hmmm..... I don't know.

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