29 May 2007

Power outage

My alarm goes off this morning and I'm lying in bed debating a snooze when POOF!!! The power goes out. Do you know how quiet it is at 4:45 a.m. when there is no electricity?? It's amazing how much noise our electric stuff generates that we don't even notice anymore. It was unbelievably quiet.

So I get up get something to eat, do my workout, shower, get ready to go all in the dark. Every morning Xena, the warrior moluccan, has to have one of those Eggo mini waffles. Well, there was no power at breakfast time so I had to "toast" her waffle over the flames from the gas stove. I'm standing there, holding a mini waffle in a pair of tongs, trying to toast them over the flame. The waffle caught fire like 4 times. I dropped the little bugger into the flames. As I'm doing this all I could think of is "what the heck am I doing?" Oh, the things we go through for our animals.

Just as I'm getting ready to leave the power comes back on! Ugh!!! It had been out for a little over 2 hours and now it's back. UGH!!! But I did get my workout in. Luckily free weights don't require electricity :)

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Vickie said...

Way too weird! My power went out yesterday about 4:30 am too! I got a bonus sleep in since it was too dark to even get stuff ready for the gym. By the time it was light enough to get ready to leave the house, the power comes back on, about 2 hours.

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