29 May 2007

The bird

If you've never had a bird as a pet you really haven't lived. I've had birds before but Ms. Xena is really quite the character.

She is a fairly large bird, from the top of her head to the tip of her tail she is about 2' long. When she gets scared and raises her feathers and her crest she looks much larger, that's the whole idea behind the crest-scare predators.

Tonight I'm in my computer room where her cage is and suddenly she puffs up real big and starts screaming. Okay, when you are in the same room and she goes off it's really, really loud.

So she's screaming away and then stops. All of a sudden she starts screaming again. Then she settles down. I could not figure out what was setting her off. Suddenly, I notice a termite flying around the light. Every time it gets near her she starts screaming. I was laughing so hard I could hardly kill the termite. This giant 2' bird is scared to death of this little 1/2" termite. What a character.


masgblog said...

hi there. I stumbled upon the title of your blog through a blogroll, and so I thought that I would visit. So far I like what I read, especially Ms.Xena...she's very beautiful.

angelfish24 said...

Pretty bird. Are you guys getting along well now? She prob. is used to her new living situation now.

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