31 May 2007

Promotional Gifts....

Our company is starting to look around for our Christmas gifts. I know it's not even July yet, but we have to decide what we want, order them, get them, get them boxed and shipped. We are talking months of work here. We're a small company so we can't spend too much money. Plus, we have tons of clients. Of course, we only send gifts to our big customers, still it can add up.

But I may have stumbled on something fairly unique. What about a customized wine opener? Lots and lots of people are into wine. Not me, but lots. I think something like this would be an awesome gift.

When giving company gifts I always think it's really nice to make it personal. For example, one of our clients always gives us custom key chains at Christmas. He gives one for everybody. I use that key chain all year long and when I'm working on his stuff I always give it a little extra effort because it was a personal gift. I know that's not that personal but it's better than a gift for the lab.

So, if you're looking for something unique this Christmas, consider wineopeners.com and check out what they got.

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Dances with Corgis said...

Customized wine openers are the shit!!! You guys should 100% do that! My cousin did that as his wedding souvineer, and it is the one "thing" I always use. Great idea.

If you can afford it, another great custom promo gift would be a fleece blanket with your name on them. We got that from our car service last year and it was a major hit.


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