30 May 2007

30 years ago

On the way home from work I was listening to the radio and they were talking about Star Wars. It's hard to believe that was released 30 years ago this week. Wow. So what were you doing 30 years ago?

I was 18 years old. Pregnant. And incredibly stupid. I remember how I thought I knew it all and had it all figured out. I had gone against my mother for since I was 15 and things had not gotten any better. I was marrying a man who turned out to be horrible in ways I can't even begin to describe. But in spite of the way I had acted my Mom was there for me. When things started to come apart at the seams, she was right there.

I remember when things started to really fall apart in April of 1978 I was crushed to discover that not only did I not know it all, I didn't know anything at all. Life had kicked me in the teeth and I was totally unprepared. It was quite an awakening.

Here we are 30 years later and I've done things I never even knew existed then. I've become a person I really like (though I wish she wasn't lazy :) and I'm living a pretty sweet life. It's far from perfect but it's better than lots of folks.

I've raised a daughter who is married and has 2 kids. She never did drugs or alcohol and really was a pretty darn good kid growing up. She also a great Mom and I'm still trying to figure out where she learned that :)

30 years ago. A lot has changed. A lot has happened. What really amazes me is that I could be around for another 30 years. I'll only be 78. Wow. I can't wait to see what the next 3 decades hold.


angelfish24 said...

Weird it's been 30 years since star wars...I'm feeling old now, ha!
Wow, amazing you have a child and are a grandma and your young age. Yeah, I wonder what the next 30 yrs holds, it will be interesting.

Vickie said...

30 years ago, I was 23, and had a 5 month old baby and was looking for my first house. Oh to be somewhat younger again! Funny thing, this morning I was thinking of my dad and all the things he must have experienced in his lifetime, and then I started thinking of my own: 50s: tv; 60s: color tv; 70s: HBO and Star Wars; 80s: VCRs and video games; 90s: running and triathlon; 2000s: taking care of my parents, etc. I wonder what our kids' generation will see when they look back on the decades of their lives? And what will we see in the future?

momo said...

the thing that makes me surprised is that i can remember 30 years ago. didn't i just turn thirty??? ack, the time just flies on by.

i think its so great that you have grandkids and you're so young - hopefully you get to see them often!

Kewl Nitrox said...

That explains why my boys could not relate too much to the X-wing Fighter Lego set their aunt gave them. :)

I think it is a beautiful thing that you can look back at the last 30 years and be happy with how things have turned out. Too often we seem to keep tabs of what went wrong and lose count of all the stuff and went right.


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