09 May 2007

So no workout this morning.

My butt hurts so much I decided that working out was out of the question. I know that it would help move the lactic acid out but you don't know how bad it hurts. So I passed. I would like to say that I slept in but I actually laid there hurting every time I moved, so that was not good at all.

The weather here has been really weird. It's really cloudy and overcast right now. Sure looks like it's going to rain. What's up with that?? We live in Hawaii, it's supposed to be beautiful.

Well, not much to say today. It's been a busy couple of weeks and I don't see it ending till next week sometime. This has just been crazy. I can't wait till it slows down a little. Part of the problem is that we are coming up on our certification at work. Every year we get inspected by the State to keep our certification and as you can imagine it's brutal. Everything has to be perfect. All the paperwork, all the instruments, everything. Most of our instruments need to be calibrated at regular intervals and so they all have to be sent off to be calibrated. That means weeks without a piece of equipment, ugh!!! Okay, nuff whining. I have to get ready for work.

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