08 May 2007


When you live in Hawaii sunglasses are important. I usually have a couple of pairs, one in my car, one in the house, one in my purse, and a prescription pair. Over the past year or so though I've whittled my sunglass inventory down to 2. I got a pair of Maui Jim's that I just love. I use them for training and for driving and whenever I need them. They come with a nice hard case so I carry them everywhere.

The important thing with sunglasses, especially here, is that they be polarized. Polarized sunglasses are the only way to go. They provide much better vision and cut the glare a lot. The only problem is that polarized sunglasses can make some electronics impossible to see. When I'm riding my bike if my head is tilted a certain way I can't read my computer. I also have problem with my phone, I have to take them off to see my phone. But other than that, they rock.

The best part about polarized sunglasses is that you can see into the water. Considering we are an island that is surrounded by water, this comes in very handy.

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Vickie said...

Ihave the same problem with the polarized glasses but they are a lot better than the others. I recently was at Walmart and looking for something, walking through the sporting goods and spied a pair of wrap around type glasses in this nice case. When I looked closer, it said they were fishing glasses--polarized, etc. I guess so you can see in the water better when it is sunny? Anyway I figured they would be good for biking. When the price scanned? $4.96 instead of the $9.96 they were marked. Got to love that! And they work and look great.

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