04 May 2007


The Lion King is coming here to Hawaii. The folks here are acting like this is the first Broadway show we've ever gotten here. It's not. The other day Hubby expressed a desire to see the show. Since I'm not totally against the idea I decided to look into tickets. Oh. My. God. What a colossal hassle. I could not even pull the listing up on Ticketmaster. I had to go through the venue's website and look at each individual performance to see of there were any tickets available. Most shows were sold out be I had to look at each show - ugh!!!! What a waste of time. You mean they can't just look through all the performances to see which ones has tickets available????

I had a friend tell me they were trying to get Dave Matthews Band Tickets and came across Premium Seats U.S.A. This looks like a much better way to look for tickets. They list the dates with the shows and you just click to see what's available. How much easier is that?? Unfortunately, it doesn't look like there are any Lion King tickets left, but at least I found an easier way to buy tickets :)

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