04 May 2007

It's Friday!!

Yeah!!! I'm not feeling so hot today. My stomach is a little upset.
Last night was our Nutro meeting. They always feed us well and last night was no exception. But, I've been in one of my moods where food is bleah! Nothing appeals to me, nothing seems appetizing. When I'm in these moods (and they happen from time to time), I eat only to stay alive and I could really eat cardboard for all the enjoyment I get from it. So last nights dinner was really wasted on me. It was chicken and scallops - I adore scallops!!! There was also salad and dessert. I ate it without really enjoying it. This morning though I feel like a have a bit of a hangover (there was no alcohol at all). I feel groggy and draggy and my stomach is a little upset.

So this got me to thinking; could a hangover be from a break in your normal routine and not necessarily from alcohol? For the past month (at least) I have not been out to dinner and I have not been out during the week in much longer!! I think this break in routine is what is causing this "hangover" of mine. I should add that alcohol exacerbates the effect (at least on me :).

Because of this I ended up sleeping in and taking the morning off from my workouts. That's okay, everyone needs rest now and then. Tonight, along with the 1000 other things I have to do, I want to work out a training schedule for Tinman. That will begin tomorrow :)

Well, that's all I have to say. I'm going to get to work, maybe I'll leave early since I feel like garbage.


IronWaddler said...

Hope you feel better--What is the timan??

angelfish24 said...

Hope you're feeling better soon. Yeah, you need a break from working out now and then. Take care.

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