05 May 2007

Yes, I'm on a posting binge.

I'm sure you can figure out why if you work at it :)

Today was good. I got up and did my strength training and then did my intervals. Since I slept in yesterday I had a workout to make up. I'm trying to figure out when I can get my swimming in. I'm really having trouble when I can swim. I don't have access to a pool right now, maybe it's time to go back to the Y. The ocean is right here but there are not a lot of places where I can safely swim early in the morning. So it's a tough one. I could get up early and go to Waikiki and swim on Sunday mornings but I'd rather not. Maybe I could go to Kailua and swim..... Hmmm, this will take some thinking.

Then I worked for Nutro. That's all I did today. But it was a nice day. Tonight Hubby has gone to a friends to watch the fight, so I have a night alone - woo hoo!!!! I guess I'm going to get something to eat and curl up and watch tv for a while. Nice and relaxing, yes!!!

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