06 May 2007

Sunday morning.

Well, here it is Sunday morning again. I do not feel like working out so I'm not going to. I have to work Nutro today at noon, so I'm going to get my house cleaned this morning. That will be my workout today :)

Not much to say this morning. I've been having problems with my stomach for about 3 days now. It's slightly upset and I can only eat a little bit before it starts acting up. As a result I haven't really been eating a whole lot and I know that's not good. I just don't know what's going on. Oh well!!

Okay, it's off to clean the house and watch soaps till it's time to leave for work.

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angelfish24 said...

ok, checked out your new web page. What is Nutro?
Hope your stomach is better soon. I'm not looking forward to menopause and it will prob. be a while for me. Can't ask my mom as she had a hysterectomy a long time ago. We went to thie play 'menopause chronicles' in vegas and it was really funny. Check it out if you ever get the chance.

Unknown said...

Stopped over to the new web page.

I'm only 42 and starting to have what I have learned is called perimenopause....which could go on for years and years! Uggggh.

The routine goes like this: Me at 2am or something "Oh.My.Gosh it is SO HOT IN HERE" - running over to open a window or step outside for a moment. Husband "Not this again...sigh..." rolling over to go back to sleep and snuggle in extra tight under the covers.

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