22 June 2007

Back to it....

Okay, after a couple of days break I was back at working out this morning. I've started a new program, Turbulence Training. This is very similar to the Afterburn that I have been doing for the past 16 weeks. I finished the Afterburn and could either start over or switch it up, so I decided to go with TT. I'm starting with the beginners level only because he says to, but I'm using higher weights than I did when I was really just starting out. I was using 15 lbs for dumbbell rows - that's pretty good for me. Anyway, that's where I am.

The good thing is that the weight training is back down to 3 days a week. This opens up more days for more variety. I'm going to start swimming again even if it's only 1 day a week (you have to start somewhere right?). I'm thinking of biking 2 times, running 2 times and swimming once. I think I'll try that out next week and see how it goes.

Also, I've got to get back into my running. The marathon is getting closer and closer and I'm not running enough. I will need to run at least 3 times a week. Maybe I'll add a night run in somewhere. I did that last year and it worked out pretty well. That is something I will have to work on.

Okay, that's enough for today.

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