22 June 2007

Some people!!

The lab I work in is located in an industrial area in a strip mall type building. It's a long warehouse type building with a bunch of businesses located all down the building. Two doors down from the lab is a plumbing company. They have this lady that works there that needs a lesson in how to dress. She's in her 30's, so not real young but not too old. She wears these short shorts. I mean short. And they are tight so when she walks you can see her butt crack. Then she wears these stiletto heels and of course a polo shirt with the company name one it. She walks by here 3 or 4 times a day and I've seen her change outfits 3 or 4 times a day. She looks like a hooker. I really can't believe someone doesn't say something to her, like that's not appropriate work attire. Sometimes I wonder if she's wearing open tip bras, I swear it wouldn't surprise me.


Lavender said...

LOL! Aloha Flo! Sounds like a case of 'mutton dressed as lamb' LOL
Thanks for visiting the birds & the beads I hope others will 'comment' on 'comments' too. Cheers!

Duane said...

Working at the plumbing company probably isn't going to help her with her fashion, I'm sure the plumbers all adore her.

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