04 June 2007

This I like.

I am fairly savvy when it comes to computers but the truth is I hate them. I hate having to sit and spend time figuring out how to do things. I see other blogs that have all these videos or news stories embedded in them and I just sigh and think I do not have the patience to figure this out. Well, I've found a way to do it. The News Room provides access to thousands of news stories and it's super easy to post them on your site. All you do is hit the MASH button, it provides you with the code, copy and paste and you are on your way. This is fun!!

This is all free and so easy it took me literally 30 seconds to figure it out. You have 100's of news stories to choose from and you can earn money from this. You can sign up and every time a news story is viewed on your site you can earn money. This is really, really cool. There are a number of videos covering the debate last night but since I am in no mood to have my head explode I've passed on those. I chose the Paris Hilton video just because I think it's funny she's going to jail!! Yes, I've evil and awful, and totally cold. Whatever.

They have videos from all kinds of news agencies, AP, Reuters, CBS, news from all over. This is so unbelievably cool, you can expect to see more videos on my blogs that's for sure.


Dances with Corgis said...

Very cool. I generally just cut and paste for news stories, but this is a great option. Thanks, Flo!

Vickie said...

I'll check it out!

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