The cockatoos...

Well, this weekend was double Molucan weekend. I was birdsitting Tatu, my bosses cockatoo. It was interesting. They both stayed in the same room but separate cages. They really like being together. Whenever we would take one out of the room the other would scream like crazy. It was really cute.

But it was nice when Tatu's mom showed up to take her home. Have 2 birds is not twice the work, it's about 4 times the work. I'm not sure how that works but it's true. I was fixing food and changing papers all weekend it seemed. Ugh!!!

003+ - This is what Xena did when I left the room. She also stood over my keyboard and ate an ancient piece of bread. Yea! Now I have crumbs all over my keyboard.

Oh the joys of bird ownership :)


jdoriot said…
That really does sound like a lot of work! My mom and dad bred finches for years...their whole downstairs kitchen was "for the birds" lol!
SkiRough said…
Requesting pics!

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