27 June 2007

Commenting craziness

Well, both my blogs have gotten nailed by spam in the last 2 days. This blog has word verification and they still got in. My other blog I've turned on comment moderation and they still snuck through. Unreal. If they took some of this ingenuity and channeled it into something constructive they would be millionaires.

So, what to say?? Lots happening and I'm feeling really positive about things. Really positive.

Oh yeah, I heard today that my murdering, drug dealing neighbor has moved to the Big Island and is getting addiction treatment, I sure hope it works. This guy is like 60 years old and has nothing. No job, no money, no future, living with his sister. I can't imagine that. I worry that I'm not where I should be financially yet I'm miles ahead of someone like him.

You know, lately I don't understand people at all and it really boggles my mind. I could go into all the political stuff but I'll pass. But just your average people. I don't understand them. This lady stopped on the freeway in rush hour traffic because her 2 year old vomited. She stopped to clean it up. She was on the freeway!! What was she thinking?? Or was she thinking at all?? I think not. I would have gotten off at the next exit and pulled over somewhere. Unbelievable.

It just completely boggles the mind. People think only of themselves and do not think of the consequences of their actions. Amazing. How do these people get through life??

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j. said...

while i write this to you via the internet, i'm going to blame the internet at the same time!

people these days are simply so selfish and used to getting what they want, when they want it that the idea of putting others out in doing so never even crosses their minds. all day long we click on and off websites w/o regard for what sentence we were involved in just to go to the next thing that will give us instant gratification.

of course, i recognize that there are parents (or lack thereof) to blame for the selfishness of others.

it drives me crazy. i live in nyc and i see it all day long!

(ya know, if could just be that i'm cranky and it's very late, too.)

take care!

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