28 June 2007

I'm tired

I'm not sure what's going on but the last week I have been utterly exhausted. My strength training dropped to 3 days a week and the other 2 days I have the hardest time getting up. I don't know exactly what's up. I'm wondering if I should take a couple of days off completely and just rest. I don't know.

So here I sit at 6 a.m. awake, but too tired to go for a run. Ugh!!!

I wonder if it's mental tiredness from the burn out I feel from work. I'll be taking a week off but that doesn't alleviate the burn out I feel now.

I just made a decision while I was typing this. I am taking a few days off. Today, tomorrow and the weekend are now exercise free. I'm going to sleep in a little and do some stuff I want to do that I haven't had time lately. Wow, that makes me feel better already.

I think I'm trying to do too much. My weekends are usually packed with stuff to do; exercise, clean house, do laundry, make biscuits, bath birds/dogs, lunch with hubby, on and on and on... So this weekend has been declared lazy weekend. I will do what's necessary, laundry, but put off what's not.

Okay, I feel better all ready.

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