11 June 2007

I want to apologize

to the blogging world at large. I've been a really bad blogger lately. I've not been commenting much, in fact I haven't been reading blogs as much. I've been skimming them and then trying to come up with some meaningful comment and I can't, so I tell myself I'll come back later and comment and I don't and that's been going on for weeks, and I apologize.

The truth is I've had some major stuff going on in my life and I've just been distracted. My posts have been boring drivel, my reading has been fast and furious and my commenting has been lacking.

Things kind of came to a head this weekend and I'm hoping the worst is over. I plan on being a better blogger from here on out.

I have a huge apology to give to Lisa - Slow and Steady. She sent me some t-shirts to make a quilt about 100 years ago. Well, with all that was going on I could not conjure up the creativity necessary to get it the way I liked it. Trust me, I've been working on it and I'm not sure if it's me or what, but it would just not work. Anyway, I am meeting with a friend of mine tonight who is a much better quilter than I. She is going to help me get it set up so that it looks decent. I promise I will be in contact in the next day or so with photos. This has been weighing on my mind and with everything else that was going on I just couldn't face it.

So there you have it. I've been a lousy blogger but things will get better from here on out. I look forward to reading your posts, in detail, and leaving thoughtful, meaningful comments. Okay, let's not get crazy, I'm still me :)

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