18 June 2007

I went to the store yesterday

and had the strangest experience. This family, man, woman and ~12 year old girl, are standing in front of the milk section. The woman pulls open the door and proceeds to yell, "ewwwww, this is gross, look at this, ewww." Well, me being me, I can't help but look over. The woman closes the door and the husband and daughter proceed to make some similar type comment. Then the woman opens the door again and reaches for a gallon of milk. The husband says, "that's gross. Don't touch that. That's gross. Why do you keep going in there. I think you need to wash your hands." By now I'm firmly convinced there is some dead body in that refrigerator. I'm going to walk over there and find a bloody, gory mess. Maybe the butcher lost it with the dairy guy.

So I walk over there, since I need milk also, and say, "What seems to be the problem?" The daughter says, "There's some spilled milk in there and it smells sour." Okay. You're joking right?? All this commotion over spilled milk ( I swear I don't make this stuff up..) So I walk over to the door and look inside. Some of the gallons do have some gook on them but most of them are fine. I open the door and take a clean gallon out and turn to the family and say, "If that makes you sick, wait till you see where the cockroaches end up." I am so nice to our tourist population :)


Linda said...

I always say it takes all kinds and the Bossman just tells me that "NO, there just are all kinds of people"!

Dances with Corgis said...

I am AMAZED that you made this entire post and did not indulge in the pun I have been anticipating!!!

I did see a milk truck overturned on the freeway once in CA, and made fake sobs as we drove over it. :)

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