19 June 2007

Okay, the body is going crazy...

This is probably way too much info for most of you but man it's driving me crazy.

I have got the worst cramps, you would not believe. If I don't take ibuprofen the pain literally doubles me over. Ugh!!! The worst part is that I just had my period 2 weeks ago. What's up with that??? I'm approaching menopause!!! My periods are supposed to be going away not getting more!!!!

So it's been a pretty crappy day because of that. I could not even finish my workout this morning the pain was so bad. I got most of the weight training done but could not do my intervals. It was miserable.

On a completely different subject, I just got off the phone with Rocco's vet. I explained to her his new lumps and that we've decided to do nothing. She understands and recommended Benadryl if he develops a histamine reaction. Oh, this is not the fun part of pet ownership. I'd hate to have to make decisions for myself, I really hate having to made them for someone I love so much!!! I want my pets to live forever.

Okay, enough. I'm going out to have a burger and beer for dinner and forget about these things for at least a few minutes. There's my boy. Isn't he a cutie!!!

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