19 June 2007

I'm always looking

for new things. Specifically nutritional stuff. I have found that eating clean is so incredibly good for my blood sugar that I kick myself for not doing it years ago. You know, I heard of eating this way 10 years ago, but I thought to myself 'ugh! That would be hard!' It's not hard, it's easy and I wish I'd had started it 10 years ago. Ugh!!

Anyway, I'm always looking for nutritional things and I've found one, Rice 'n Shine. There are times when I'm out and about and just don't have the ability to eat the way I know I should. The meal replacement drinks that are on the market have a lot of sugar - the one thing I need to avoid. Rice 'n Shine is made from rice, has amino acids, vitamins, antioxidants, and has a low level of carbohydrates, which I'm hoping means not a lot of sugar.

This might be worth a try. It would be nice to have something I could take with me just in case. I like eating every 2-3 hours. It really makes me feel good and it's a lot easier to stick with my eating plan. I just may check it out.

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