13 June 2007


Today is my light workout day. I only do intervals and I generally take them outside and run. I did that. It was an absolute beautiful morning and I loved being outside.

I'm in a bit of a quandary with my training though. My legs are strong. My legs feel like they could run forever, no problem. My aerobic capacity however is not equal to my leg strength. Now long extended aerobic workouts do nothing for fat loss and that is my focus right now. But I'm thinking of adding aerobic workouts on the weekends. I was thinking of doing the bike on Saturdays and running through the botanical gardens on Sunday. I don't think this will mess with my fat loss program because a) both bike and running routes are kind of hilly so it will be more like intervals than long, slow aerobics and b) I read that you can add long, slow aerobic activity to just burn additional calories if you have the time. These are not a priority so should only be done if there is extra training time during the week There will be. Okay, I've talked myself right into it.

I also need to fit in some swimming too. Maybe I'll get up really early on Sundays, go for a run in the botanical garden, then head over to the beach and go for a swim. I could be home by 9 a.m. and all done. That would be nice. Hmmmmm, I need to think about that.

I have a tri in mind for September........

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Comm's said...

okay a run through a tropical garden and swim in the ocean sounds like maybe the best training day ever.

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