28 April 2024

Knowledge is Power

 For me that is super true. Once I hit on the limiting beliefs on Saturday,  it was shock and awe. I was in shock that I had let that creep into my life again, but I was in awe of myself that I figured it out. Once I was aware of it, I set about destroying it. For example, at the gym yesterday, not once did I think to myself I couldn't do something. A few of the moves I had to find the way I could do them, but not once did I say  "I can't do this".  In fact, I did think it once and immediately shut it down and did whatever it was. Now this does not mean it is gone or I am over it, not by a long shot. As clearly evidenced by the fact that it came into my life again. So it is something I need to be cognizant of and work on to keep out of my life. I also think I have to start looking at what other things have creeped back into my brain. I don't want to be that person. I want to be the person I am or that I know I can be. 

As for the rest of the day. The soreness from the workout started to creep in yesterday afternoon. That told me that I had not held back and that is a good thing. We also decided to put up a ceiling fan. This ceiling fan has such a story behind it, here goes. When we lived on Lydia Lane, that was such an elegant house. All the light fixtures matched and I wanted all the ceiling fans to match the light fixtures. All of them did except for one. So at some point we went and bought one that did match with the intention of putting it up. That never happened. Then we sold that house and moved to Tempe with an extra ceiling fan in the garage. About 3 maybe 4 years ago, the ceiling fan in our bedroom died. We had the extra one and kept talking about replacing it but it never happened. Then about a week or so ago, the ceiling fan in the kitchen died. Now that fan we need. So we thought we would replace it with the one in the garage. Well, it turns out the one in the garage is a flush mount, it has to be mounted to the ceiling, and not able to hang. The one in the kitchen hangs. Okay, a trip to Home Depot to get an adapter kit. Nope, they don't exist. So a new fan it is. We get one that can hang from the vaulted ceiling and head home. We decide to take the old one down and get ready as a friend was going to come over tomorrow and help us put it up. Well, we we started to get it ready, we realized that we would have to go to the top where it enters the ceiling to work. Ummm.....how the heck are we going to get up there? It's about 13' in the air. So we had to stop that and look for another way. We called Penguin air and they install ceiling fans but not on any ceiling over 13'. Since ours was right at the limit, they will have to come and look at it to see if they can do it. Okay. So we decide to get the bedroom ready for tomorrow and start taking the old ceiling fan down. As we are doing that, I said why don't we just put the new one up. So we did. It took us a while, but man is it great to have a ceiling fan in the bedroom for the first time in almost 4 years. 

Needless to say, by the time this was all over, I was exhausted. Sat on the couch and watched a little TV for a while, then headed into the pool. It was chilly but nice. Read my book for a while and that was our day. 

Clearly my limiting beliefs were no where in sight yesterday. 

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