05 June 2007

Oh my gawd.....

our air conditioner is down and I am positively dying!!! Our lab only has one "opening", the front door. All the other windows are sealed. We also have about 1500 square feet. It is so unbelievable miserable in here right now, I can hardly stand it and I'm sitting by the open front door!!! Arrrggggghhhhh!!!!

So I've shifted into my next 4 week block of workouts. It's interesting. By the time I'm done with them I am wrecked!!! I've also been doing my interval training very religiously and I really think it's starting to pay off. Twice a week I run on the road and do my intervals and Sunday I believe I was doing 10 minute miles. Not earth shattering but pretty good for me. Especially when I'm not running flat out all the time. So I'm happy.
And, a while back I was rhapsodizing about the teardrop shaped muscle in your quad and how I wanted one. Well, I'm getting gone. Woo Hooo!!

Okay, I have to find something cooling to do.

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