01 June 2007

Okay, the Global Warming Freaks have convinced me.

I'm switching all my light over to CFL's. They use significantly less amounts of energy so I'll be helping save the environment and not contributing to the global warming fraud problem.

Oh, wait......Seems there is a small problem with CFLs. THEY CONTAIN MERCURY!!!! Now, let me get this straight. The US government, in this case the FDA, recommends you don't eat fish because of mercury. Now it's been proven that this is based on a flawed study and that not eating fish while pregnant produces stupid children.... But the US government, in this case the EPA, says using CFLs, ie bringing mercury into your home, is perfectly acceptable. HUH??????????

This is the problem with this whole global warming state of fear, no one really knows what they are doing. No one, certainly not Al Gore!!! Some people are literally running around like Chicken Little screaming 'the sky is falling, the sky is falling'. Stop, get the facts not the hype, and think.

People please use the brain God gave you. Do you really think saving a minuscule amount of energy is worth exposing your children and pets to mercury?? I don't. I'm never getting CFLs because I have birds. One broken bulb and my birds are dead. No thank you.

Global warming doesn't scare me. I've said it before and I'll say it again, we as humans, do not have the power to destroy the earth. We will kill ourselves off but the earth will adjust and continue on without us. I don't want us to destroy ourselves but it will be our own fault. I want things to be done to preserve nature. I want open green spaces. I want rain forests. I want jungles. I want savannas. I want nature to be left alone. But that has more to do with wanting nature and not more people.

I think overpopulation will kill us long before the supposed global warming does. I really believe that the earth has a, what is the ecological word???...., sustainable yield is all I can come up with. There is a number of people the earth can support and that's all. Anything over that number puts us in great danger. I don't know what that number is but with all the people we have and all the babies they produce you have to consider we may be approaching that number far faster than the earth is (supposedly) warming.

Okay, I have to stop here. I could carry on forever on this topic. I feel strongly about it mainly because people are such fools and will believe anything.

I have to work now, a customer is here.


Duane said...

Good post! We need to remember that the earth is always in a state of flux and ever changing. Not that I'm saying pollute. I would like to see us do better on that front,but no need to panic yet!

Anonymous said...

No need to panic just yet? Seriously, check out the state of the polar ice caps.

When (not if) the ice melts, the sea level rises... not a problem if you live in-land, well above flooding plains.
For those living in reclaimed lands, or simply low-lying coastal towns, this could be pretty serious.
Thanks for the heads up on the mercury issue though, I hadn't realised it was in the CFLs

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