29 June 2007


There's a thousand things running through my head that I could post about but since a lot of them tick me off I'm trying to refrain.

I do have to comment about the immigration bill today. The American public brought down the Capitol Hill switchboard - for the first time ever. Yes. That's how it works. The politicians were going to do something the American people didn't' want, really didn't want, and the American people let them know. Wow, pretty amazing. Yes, I could go on and on about the bill but it pisses me off so I'll pass for now.

Yeah, something is going on with me. I am soooooo tired. I mean dragging tired. I don't know why but it's annoying. It's probably closely tied to the whole work burn out thing going on :)

I am taking a few days off from exercise to give myself a break. I don't think extra sleep will help but it's worth a try.

That's about all I have to say. I'm tired and heading off to bed.

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Comm's said...

a rest like that can be actually fun.

I'm done

 I fall into old habits pretty easily. I guess because they are something I'm used to even if they don't really work for me anymore....