28 June 2007

More Financial Stuff

I've told you that I have been working hard on my financial situation for the past 18 months. In my past I made some mistakes. While I could blame it on things that happened, I had my own business and my partner dug out on me and left me holding the bag, the truth of the matter is, I made all those choices and if my credit got screwed up it was my fault.

In researching how to repair it I learned that the quickest way to boost your credit is to get credit. Now that is stupid. How are you supposed to get credit if your credit is bad?? It took me a long time to search out ways to get credit with bad credit. But I found them and I used them and guess what? My credit score has gone through the roof and is now above the national average.

If you are having some credit issues and need to build up your credit there's a easier way to find bad credit credit cards. This site not only shows you which cards will be given to folks with poor credit, they have a listing of low interest credit cards, rewards cards, speciality cards, all the different types of cards you could possibly want. This site really would have come in so handy when I was trying to find a credit card for bad credit.

Now that I've worked so hard to rebuild my credit I'm searching for better cards. I will definitely visit this site to find low interest rate cards and reward cards. I don't use credit cards that often but I want them to work for me when I do use them.

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