09 June 2007

You learn something new everyday.

Apparently there is something called Tenuate that helps you lose weight. I've never heard of it before, not that I'm into that kind of stuff. But it's Diethylpropion HCl which acts on the nervous system to reduce the appetite. I don't know if it works or what it's like but apparently it's out there. Who knew???

Do you ever wonder if you're doing the right thing? Situations arise where there are a number of responses, do you ever wonder if your response was the right one? I do. A lot. Everyday we face so many choices and decisions and sometimes I just freeze. I hate it, but it happens. Don't ask me why I'm thinking about this but I am. The things that go on in my mind would amaze and scare you :)

Okay, that's it. I'm off to clean house, head to work for a little, look for a breeding cage for the cockatiels, and buy a camera. Oh yes, and there is that lunch at the Kona Brewery - yummm.

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