30 July 2007

Animal lovers.....

You all know I'm an animal lover. I currently have dogs and birds. I've also had cats in the past. I've had turtles. I had a snake once. A 12' diamondback python. Her name was Sabrina. She was cool. But I had to feed her live animals and that just got to be too much for me. So I've had a few animals in my time. I figure I will have animals the rest of my life. I love them and I love having them around. Animals really add something to your life. I actually feel sorry for people who aren't animal lovers. You guys are missing out on something.

What I don't like and something that really pisses me off, is impulse buying of animals. Animals are living creatures. When an animal is adopted (yes, just like a child) it should be with the understanding that it's a lifetime commitment. You are now responsible for another living creatures well being. Humans domesticated them, it's now up to us to take care of them. This is why research should be done before any pet is acquired.

If you're thinking about getting a dog, I've found a great site. This site explains all the details of all kinds of dog breeds. They provide lots of information on the different breeds, temperament, size, grooming, health problems, life expectancy, etc. Very informative, very easy to read and understand.

So, if you're thinking of getting a pet, do the right thing and research it first. Find a pet that will fit your lifestyle and become part of the family. No one wants to be ignored, especially a pet.

EDIT: I was just cruising around that site looking at the info on the various breeds. The dog I really want is a Greater Swiss Mountain Dog. I've read a lot about those dogs and I think they would be perfect for me. I was just reading on them and their health problems include OCD. Figures I would pick a dog with obsessive compulsive disorder :)

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Linda said...

We used to have a swiss mountian dog crossed with a border collie. He was the Bossmans favorite dog then and he still would say that Rip was the best dog he's ever owned to this day.

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