30 July 2007


This is my 1,000th post. Wow. I can sure spew out a lot of cr*p!!!!

I was listening to the news and some random thoughts crossed my mind.

- A burglar here in Hawaii broke into a house and fell asleep. How exactly does that happen??

- People are surprised that Aquafina comes from the tap. Where exactly do people think the water comes from?? I test bottled water for Aquafina and a number of local companies and they all come from the tap. They are filtered and purified but they are tap water.

- Bill Walsh died. That's sad. We were lucky enough to be season ticket holders during the '80's. It was an amazing time for football fans in the Bay Area. The 49ers were the team of the decade. They haven't made a playoff in a while but with Bill Walsh gone it definitely is the end of an era.

- At the other end of football, Michael Vick's co defendant is going to testify against him. Looks like he's in deep trouble.

- Tom Snyder died. Honestly, I didn't even know he was still alive. I remember him and I used to like him.

That's it. 1,000 was clearly a milestone post :)

1 comment:

Comm's said...

you knew they were going to turn on Vick. He's the pardon the pun, Big Dog, they are after.

I hope the home owner had his way with the burglar before he woke him up or called the cops. I think a dose of mace followed immediately by being tass'd is a great way to wake up a criminal sleeping in my house.

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