31 July 2007

Bird people are weird.

I can say that because I am a bird person. We are weird. Dog people are pretty normal, they usually like to go out and about with their animals. Cat people can be a little bizarre (not including the lady down the street with 25 cats - that's just crazy). But bird people are a little strange.

If you have never had the pleasure of getting to know a bird you are really missing out. Birds are intelligent. They all have distinct personalities and they can be a lot of fun. Bird people also tend to lean towards certain types of birds. Me, I really like big birds - parrots - although at the moment I have cockatiels. Some people like birds that are very people oriented. Others like birds that don't need a lot of contact but are fun to watch.

I've begun to notice that finches are becoming very popular. People that I know that have them have a lot. They never seem to have just 1 or 2. They tend to have them in large aviaries and like to just watch them. Finches never seem to sit still. Of course, I've never seen them sleep so they must sit still at some point :)

On of the more popular type is the Lady Gouldian Finch. I have seen these in some beautiful colors. Apparently they are an endangered species in Australia, where they come from. Well, Fabulous Finch in Tennessee breeds the Lady Gouldian Finch and ships them all over the country. They also offer information on breeding and caring for your finches as well as food and supplements that are hard to get in the US. Some of the best finch food come from Australia (gee, ya think??). Well Fabulous Finch has it in stock in the US.

They also have a fantastic page that tells you what to feed your finches during each season. This is wonderful information. Birds go through yearly cycles, as do most of God's creatures, and providing the proper nutrition at each stage is very important. The folks at Fabulous Finch have broken it all down and made it very easy. During molting, nesting, resting, whatever your finch is doing they have the nutrition information you need.

So if you're interested in finches and you live on the mainland (they only ship to the continental US - that's for the safety of the birds) go and check out Fabulous Finch. Then you too can become a weird bird person like me :)

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Vickie said...

Funny you should bring up finches. We have had them continously for the past few weeks The wrens are stealing their food, but we didn't know they were around until we heard the screaching. Gold finches, that is.

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