31 July 2007

Of course it's not going as I had planned it.

I tend to make grandiose plans that seldom live up to my expectations. I've been working on being more realistic and while I'm getting better I'm still not perfect.

For my vacation I had planned to get all my files organized, rearrange my room, get the bird cage set up again (we are bird sitting in 2 weeks), clean some areas that haven't been cleaned in a while, things like that. Well here it is Tuesday and I've done none of the above. Not that it's all bad. I'm really quite rested and relaxed and that was the major goal of this break. I feel like doing some of those things today, so I will.

I've been doing this Turbulence Training and it is kicking my butt. I did my workout this morning and it was a killer. I love that. I've been wearing comfy, elastic waist, shorts all weekend so I can't tell if I'm losing weight. My shorts are my true indicator - not the scale.

Okay, I'm going to do some paid posts then get to work on my office area here. Organization is the word of the day.

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