31 July 2007

Blogging for dollars...

that's what hubby calls what I do. It's really a nice little way to pick up some extra money. It's also a great way for advertisers to get the word disseminated about their site or product or whatever. Blog advertising is definitely the wave of the future.

I read a lot of blogs that do pay blogging and I've noticed a real trend. When this all began lots of people took all kinds of opportunities and sometimes wrote about things that weren't really related to their blog. Now, people are getting more selective. The opps taken are more in line with the theme of the blogs.

Also, some of the opps I've taken I've really learned things from. I've become a customer of a number of the products I've gotten paid to talk about. Well, if it interests me it's easy for me to write about.

Anyway, this has been more blogging for dollars :)

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