31 July 2007

Well, I've been to the mall and back

since my last post. While there I had to stop at Lady Foot Locker for some shirts (they have the best t-shirts at 5 for $19.99 - sweet) and picked up the local race magazine. On the cover is the Honolulu Century Ride. The ride is on September 30th, almost exactly 2 months away.

This is a ride I've wanted to do for years. It rides along the east coast of Oahu. It's a beautiful, rugged ride that I've been afraid to try on my own. With a large group it might be a little better. I am considering this ride. I am seriously considering this ride. I don't have to do 100 miles. They have 20, 25, 40, 50, and 75 mile options also.

In 2 months I should be able to do 25 or even 40 miles. Hmmmm...... This is tempting. Also, you get a very cool bike jersey :)

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Shelly said...

I really enjoy these self-paced rides. You pick your distance and then just go out and have a great ride! If you happen to find some people that ride a little faster than you, then you pick up your pace and push yourself a little. Usually there's a festival at the end and you get a jersey!! that's some serious swag! I say go for it.

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